Would Cloudmin help me?

Hi everyone,

Little background first, I currently have one dedicated server running Virtualmin Pro. I have built from source httpd and php. It runs mail and mysql currently. A friend of mine wants to host a few websites with me and wants to have a dedicated server eventually. I have no problem with installing httpd and php (I have written a script that will pretty much automate the entire thing);

I’m thinking about managing his server as well as my own. I read that with Cloudmin Service Client I can have specific servers handle certain tasks? I would like to keep email (maybe mysql as well) on my main server and his server uses mine for email. The only thing I really want on his server is his home folder. He uses virtualmin on my main system and can manage DNS and all that from my control panel and using the round cube installation I have. Mainly for ease of management.

Would Cloudmin be a good solution for me? I want him to be able to have his own system but basically make that transparent as possible. Eventually he won’t be my only customer that wants a dedicated server. And eventually I’ll have to expand to more physical servers for regular shared hosting.

Thanks in advanced. :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, I don’t believe that email is one of the services you can offload with Cloudmin Services.

At the moment, I believe it’s primarily MySQL and BIND.

However, it’s a plugin that’s under development… and you’re not the first one to want to handle email remotely. So I’ll mention to Jamie that you’re interested in this :slight_smile:

That said, even without Cloudmin, you could put SpamAssassin and ClamAV on a central server. You can do that with the instructions here:


Thank you for the information. And yes it doesn’t do email. Besides that though, in your opinion, would using Cloudmin for physical systems make my job of managing his and my primary system easier at all?

Thanks again.