Works great on Rocky Linux 9!

Have been running the vm7 beta on rocky linux 9 for the past two weeks. I think it runs great.
I currently dont run clamav but that is the only thing that failed starting during the configuration wizard.

during the install awstats is skipped, but I dont use that anyway. There are many alternatives.

it is my first time working with rhel related distro, I was on ubuntu 20.04 for many years, I like the clean display of the package manager of yum/dnf over apt for sure.

Thank you so much for virutalmin, it is the most feature complete hosting panel.


I’ve used both Ubuntu and Centos and I honestly like Ubuntu more. What exactly do you mean by “clean display” with regards to yum/dnf over apt?

The question sounds passive-aggressive but I’m legit curious btw.

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it has a formatted display to list the packages to install, whilst apt ist just one continous line.

Person preference is ok :slight_smile:

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