Working With the Database function in webmin

I’m looking at the database and can’t figure out how to add a database. It seems I can only add tables. Is this the case in webmin’s DB tool?

In Edit Databases, on the bottom-right, should be an option called “Create a new database.”.

If you don’t see that, the user you’re using likely doesn’t have the “Can Manage Databases” permission set.


i added the permissions to ALL for that user and it says this in that user webmin area:

You are not allowed to manage databases

Make sure when you’re looking in Server Configuration -> Edit Owner Limits -> Allowed capabilities and features, that it’s set on that particular screen.

Changing the template doesn’t affect existing users, so you’d have to edit existing users manually.


that was easy, but how do I edit existing users manually?

maybe I already did edit it for the correct user.