Wordpress un-install does not delete wordpress folder when using virtualmin mobile

I have been testing several wordpress configurations on a domain, thus have un-installed wordpress and re-installed several times. I tried this yesterday using the mobile theme on my iphone.

Selected list virtual servers, selected the server, selected install scripts…

selected wordpress 3.2.1 and clicked un-install selected scripts,

went back to available scripts, selected wordpress and installed.

When I logged into wordpress, it acted as if it was a new install, but the wordpress folder was not deleted during the un-install and there were items in the content that are not part of the standard install, i.e. my custom installed theme, etc.

Went to the browser on my mac and un-installed and re-installed as expected.

Am I missing a setting, or is this a bug in the mobile side of things?



That sounds an awful lot like a bug… my suggestion would be to file a bug report, and Jamie can work with you to get that straightened out.