Wordpress restore backup website

Hi there, hope you’re all well, I was looking for a way to re-install my backup WordPress website back to my server, I can’t find any video on the youtube channel of Virtualmin related to this specific topic, anyone would be so kind to help me out in the matter? thank you in advance!

Did you back it up using the Virtualmin backup tool or did you use a Wordpress plugin? Or did you use some other control panel’s backup tool?

You restore something the same way you backed it up. For instance if you used CPanel to create a backup of your site to move over to Virtualmin you would restore it in Virtualmin via the Migrate Virtual Server tool.

@Gomez_Adams Hi Gomez thanks for your answer, I’ve used the updraft plugin, I had Plesk and I thought to migrate my site to Virtualmin.

Then it’s pretty simple. You install Wordpress on your new virtual server and install the Updraft Plugin on it and then use it to restore the backup you made from the other server.

Virtualmin can import Plesk backups (usually, though complicated ones might not work out perfectly).

Or, using the WordPress backup/restore tools may work, too.

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