WordPress Plugins fail to install

OS type and version CentOS Stream 8
Virtualmin version VirtualMin GPL 7.3

Currently getting an issue when installing a WordPress add-on via the WP admin UI. Add-ons are generating this issue:

PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Invalid archive structure

I believe it’s related to either disk space or permissions, indicating that the zip folder was unable to download.

Virtualmin is set to unlimited disk quota in the default plan used for this virtual server, and the disk space is at 24% usage.

Any suggestions on what setting I need to change are welcome!


The error itself says “invalid archive structure” “ERR_BAD_FORMAT”. This is likely due to a corrupt zip file from the plugin creator.

Did you use the Wordpress plugin search and find it and install it via the menu or did you go to the plugin’s site, download the zip file from the plugin and then try to install it via the upload plugin option?

I’ve found the config error - I had curl_exec disabled in php.ini. Now resolved :slight_smile:

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