Wordpress Permissions

Hello. I’ve been installing a fresh copies of CentOS 7 and Virtualmin, but every time it seems permissions are messed up in some way I’ve never seen. When I try to install wordpress, it cannot create wp-config.php, update plugins or do any task involving creating new files on a new virtual server. I’ve tried several ways of resetting the permissions without luck. Any suggestions?

What execution mode are you using?

The recommended execution modes fcgid or FPM greatly simplifies ownership and permissions over mod_php. In any suexec execution mode, the files need to be owned by the domain owner and allow the user to write to them (until you want to protect it from changes, once it goes into production).

mod_php is more complicated. It can still be owned by the user, but the group also needs to be able to write to any files that needed to be updateable by the web application.

The most common permissions mistake I see people make is setting permissions to 777. suexec will refuse to deal with that nonsense.

The next most common is probably doing things as root or some other administrative user and forgetting to set ownership to the domain owner and group.

All that said, if you’re installing WordPress using the Virtualmin Install Scripts interface and it fails to work, no matter what execution mode you’re using, we need to know about it, including the exact error(s). It should always Just Work, and if it doesn’t something has gone wrong. You shouldn’t need to modify permissions (unless it is to lock down config.php after you’re done configuring WordPress).