Wordpress permissions issue - migrated site

Hello everyone,

I have an issue with my recently migrated wordpress sites from Plesk.
I’m unable to upload and install plugins in WP. When I change the owner of html_public folder to www-data:ww-data, it works. But then I have trouble using the file manager from Webmin.

I’ve came across this post with the exact same issue : https://www.virtualmin.com/node/57063 saying the owner of public_html folder should remain as admin_of_domain:admin_of_domain.

Okay I’ve done that, but how am I able to resolve the permissions issues of wordpress ? One of the replies talked about ftp credentials to change. But Wordpress isnt using ftp when uploading file, it just needs access to the html directories.

Other replies said that a fresh install of wordpress from Virtualmin is plug and play. Am I forced to reinstall all my wordpress sites ? (my migration method from plesk was to copy and pasted html files).
What is my best option to resolve this problem ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

You are talking about two things:

  1. ownership and group-ownership
  2. file and folder permissions

You shouldnt change the 1st one.
2nd one can be changed from either the file manager or your favorite FTP program.

The important thing to check is if FPM or FCGId is set as PHP execution mode under Virtualmin | Server Configuration | Website Options.

If so, the rule of thumb with Virtualmin is that the owner and group should be the user / admin_of_domain. When a virtual server is created via Virtualmin | Create Virtual Server, all the appropriate permissions are set for files under public_html to be served by the web server. You have to do nothing more about it.

If not, if the PHP execution mode is mod_php then you will have to fiddle with ownership and permissions settings as outlined in the installation instructions of the web app.

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