Wordpress multisite how to set up the DNS


I am trying to set up a Wordpress multisite which is being transferred from another host which uses cPanel. For the secondary domain it is set as a parked domain in cPanel and mapped in WP multisite site settings as a sub domain pointing to the second TLD.

I have tried loads of different ways of trying to set this up on Virtualmin without success and I’m especially confused about the DNS setting and also whether or not you need to set up a sub domain or can use a CNAME in the TLD’s DNS both of which I have tried.

In the TLD’s DNS I have set this up to allow wildcards by setting Website Options > Website matches all sub-domains? to Yes

All help greatly appreciated as I really need to get this sorted.

This is using a IP address shared across the server.

P.S. Never mind I sorted it.

For anyone else who wants to do this.

Website Options > Website matches all sub-domains? set to NO

Then just set up the second TLD as an alias of the main site