Wordpress Multi-site

I have two virtual servers installed in Virtualmin.

Each virtual server has WP-MU installed using a root domain for each website.
My WP-MU has more than 50 websites on each virtual server.

My question is, how can I generate an SSL cert. for each WP website rather than generating an alias of cloud1.example.com or cloud2.example.com ssl.

There was a limit for generating an SSL certificate to only 100 aliases in one certificate in LetsEncrpt. That’s why I split up my WP MU into two.

But when i’m generating and SSL cert. in cloud2, LetsEncrypt sees cloud1 instead, and I get a web validation failure.

Having latest versions of Webmin 1.941 and Virtualmin 6.08, with certbot package installed, you can request wildcard certificate, in case DNS is hosted on the same server (to pass DNS challenge), by putting to the filed Request certificate for -> Domain names listed here the following:

Thanks for the reply.

Yup, that’s what I did. I put all my domains in the “Domains listed here” box.

Problem is, I don’t use sub-domains, so I didn’t request for wildcard SSL certificates.

I have different domain names for each website in my WP MU. Over 50 websites actually.

If you multiply it by two for www and non-www domains, It will be over the 100 limit.

Is it possible to create a virtual hosts in the virtual server, for each domain? Wherein you created a separate httpd.conf file for ex. example.com.conf then add all the virtual hosts in the file?

Then use that to setup your SSL certificate path?

Yes. Create Virtual Server > Top Level Server.

This didn’t work either.

I’m using WP multi-site. So the document root is in the main domain of the virtual server.

If I create a sub-server under the main virtual server, it’s creates another document root as a sub-folder of the main domain.

Even if I edit the httpd.conf file of the virtual host to point to the main document root, I would get a permission error in the browser.

One question though, is how can I stop SSL sharing in virtualmin?

I also did this to break the sharing?

virtualmin modify-web --domain cloud6.tnmgdomains.com --break-ssl-cert

But every time I generate SSL cert. the domain name of the virtual server is still sharing the SSL cert. with the other domains.

I just want a single SSL cert. for each domain, and stop sharing of SSL.

Have you tried to Edit Virtual Server and Save Virtual Server and/or running Re-Check Configuration?

By default Virtualmin will share SSL certificates between virtual servers that have the same ownership if the hostnames in the cert match all domains.

Yup, I tried editing and saving. I ran re-check configuration as well. But it’s still the same, the shared SSL is still enabled.

If you look at the SSL certificate on my site, cloud6 is my virtual server, and bedbugs is just one of the sites in wordpress multisite. All my sites are root domains. There are no sub-domains.

Just imagine, I have 58 websites in WP MU, and all of them are sharing the same SSL cert. It just looks messy.

How can you stop the sharing of SSL cert. and have each site it’s own SSL cert.


This guide I wrote may be of some use https://funkytwig.com/2020/04/06/wordpress-multisite-domains-with-lets-encript-using-webmin-virtualmin/. Its got screenshots.

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