wordpress instalation :: seems css files not loading

I have couple of virtualmin running under digitalcloud and every time I try to install wordpress,
no color nor any style sheets are loading…
same domain and same wordpress installation works under plesk but somehow virtualmin doesnt run proper installation.
see screen shot link please.

I will appreciate as new user for virtualmin I am stuck.

Kind Regards

Add the following to your wordpress/wp-config.php

define(‘SCRIPT_DEBUG’, true);

This will give you any errors on screen and might help determine where the problem lies.

Hi, thanks for reply but unfortunately I cant input database details see scree shot below,
as form doesnt work properly also.


does this problem from virtualmin, some how config or something or do you thing it is from wordpress problem ?

I have manage to install wordpress from
Install scripts section under /site2
I cant login to wordpress as when I click on login it stays in same login page like not processing my submit.

i have also add your debug.

where should I look for debug files ?

I’m having the exact same problems you are. I can get through the wordpress install even though the screen looks wonky, when I try to login to wp-admin the screen just comes right back to the login screen.

Ok, I’ve narrowed this down to that it seems it’s an SSL issue. If you disable SSL your wordpress site will load correctly and you can login to the admin dashboard.

Once inside your admin dashboard go to plugins --> add new and install “SSL Insecure Content Fixer” plugin.
Go to the plugin’s settings and choose “Capture All” option and save.

Logout of your admin dashboard and re-enable SSL.
Your wordpress site should load correctly and you will be able to login to the admin dashboard.

This works for me. I hope it helps someone else.

Dont forget to disable debug.

It shows up on web browser screen btw.

Yep SSL can cause this. In WordPress I find ssl is easier to get working if you use the plugin called REALLY SIMPLE SSL.

It’s an old plugin but works really well.

When building a new WordPress site…get it working first on http, then setup ssl on https! (Adding to many variable in the equation on new wordpress sites = bad!)