wordpress and virtualmin child domains

hello -

i have noticed an incompatibility trying to use a child domain and wordpress. i think WP is getting confused who actually owns the site especially when trying to upload media files. what i have done thus far to solve the issue is to open up the media directory to world-write & delete.

in other words, i have a structure that looks like this:


_ _ /domain/

_ _ _ _/virtualminChild.com/

_ _ _ _ _ _/public_html/

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _/wp-content/ (virtualminChild.com’s media library is in here)

_ _ /public_html/

_ _ _ __ _/wp-content/ (virtualminParent.com’s media library is in here)

i think the wordpress website at virtualminChild.com is maybe expecting a different owner name other than the parent name, but that is just a rough guess.

any suggestions?

thank you all very much.

aha !

is this a bug in virtualmin??

i ran this:

<?php echo exec('whoami'); ?>

the parent domain showed the name of the parent, but for the child domain, it showed “apache” !

Under - Limits and Validation

–>> Validate Virtual Servers

–>> Fix Permissions

Virtual servers to fix -> All servers

At the bottom

Also fix sub-servers? -> Yes

See if that works

no, unfortunately.

<?php echo exec('whoami'); ?>

still shows me “apache”

Make sure that on the Website Options page for the domain, you have the PHP execution mode set to fcgid

thank you VERY much - dumb question, but shouldn’t this setting have defaulted to the parents value when the child VS was created?

No, it defaults to what’s set at Systems Settings -> Server Templates -> Default settings -> Apache website.