Woocommerce & mysql IO wait

Hi, I have some woocommerce sites. One in a shared host, and other on a vps for single site.

I noticed some of them have what I believe IO wait. CPU goes 100% with red color on htop, that I read as some process are waiting on CPU, waiting to be written on disk.

I understand that it might be the woocommerce is not optimized, or using unoptimized plugins. But the question is: how can I speed up disk IO on a vps provider? Which method is arguably best and/or easiest?
I almost never use a VPS provider features like firewall, kubernetes, volume block, etc. So all recommendation will make me learn on that topic from zero.

I have some scenario that I think might work or make it slower, but does not know how to do these scenarios:

  1. put mysql disk on a block volume. Linode tells that linode disks are faster than volumes, so I think this might not be a good idea.
  2. Create a RAID disk on vps. I don’t know how to create RAID disk, let alone on other company’s server that I rent VPS from.
  3. Create dedicated mysql server vps, if the bottleneck on disk IO, I think creating another will still have same problem.

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