Willing to pay for help

I’m using the lastest version of Pro running on Ubuntu 8.04.
I’d like to redirect the usermin ‘www.mydomain.com:20000’ to ‘www.mydomain.com/webmail

I’ve looked at the instructions below but I’m just not getting it.

If you know how to get this working and are willing to show me the steps, I’m willing to pay you for your time.


This is easy. Email me – sgrayban at gmail.com

This turned out to be BS from the person posting. Endless emails.

This is not BS, I’m waiting for the network team to open up a port so I can let you in. I should have it opened today.

Sorry for the delay.



Hey did you ever get it fixed… if not i am here sales@lynkerworld.com i will be able to help any time 24/7

Dude this was fixed months ago. Stop trolling here.

I have been working on Virtualmin for about 2 weeks and I have yet to get email working Plus a few other issues. I could’t find anyone at scriptlance so I an asking here.
IF you are top notch Virtualmin administrator email me (azadmin) at:

chittlinmagazine at aol.com

Your email is not working… so if you need help drop me a line onhere or email it to me sales@lynkerworld.com i will help you…

Late again ! I already fixed it for him.

That’s cool – maybe you guys could post a note after a successfully completed job so it doesn’t look like it’s still open :slight_smile:


Ok No prob… that would be a good idea… thanks for the suggestion…