Will uninstalling "postgresql" cause problems?


Postgresql is getting on my nerves. I don’t use it, I have it disabled in Virtualmin, I have disabled its autostart, but its packages are still installed.

Each time there are package updates for it, it gets started in the process. It uses memory and triggers LFD’s “suspicious process running” warnings.

So I just went and aptitude-removed all packages that have anything with “postgresql” in the name (on a test system). I’m wondering now if this causes any kind of trouble with Virtualmin?

There were no package dependency errors; the Virtualmin plugin is disabled and correctly complains when I try to enable it; the Webmin module disappeared correctly after I “rechecked usable modules”. So it looks all clean, doesn’t it?

Yup, that should be no problem.

As long as your virtualmin-base version doesn’t have that listed as a dependency (which, if it did, it would have complained when uninstalling) – it’s no problem to remove it.


Yup, no dependency, no complaint. :slight_smile: Thanks!