Will Rocky Linux 8 be supported officially as Grade A system?


The current grade A support for Virtualmin states:

Grade A Supported Systems

  • CentOS/RHEL 7 and 8 on x86_64. 8 is recommended.

We are replacing all our CentOS 8 installs by Rocky Linux 8 (CentOS 8 will most likely die, I think).

Does VirtualMin support Rocky Linux 8 as a Grade A system?

It will be in Virtualmin 7.

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Thank you for your answer, that makes my very happy.

When do you expect Virtualmin 7 to be available (approx.)?

We do not pre-announce. But, it is soon.

Please search the forums for common questions like this in the future. I’ve answered both of these dozens of times.

Hi Joe,

sorry, but of course I did first search the forum for answers.

Here are the dozens of times you answered such questions :roll_eyes::


And apparently answering these questions more than dozens of times have not solved them yet… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It has been said that Alma and Rocky will be supported in v7. If you convert from CentOS 8 to Alma/Rocky 8 - it will work using existing Virtualmin. If you do a clean install of Rocky, wait for v7. They can’t give you an ETA of the release so if you can’t wait, convert as is.

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