Wildcard SSL does not cover Alias

Ubuntu 20.04
Webmin version 1.970
Virtualmin version 6.14

I have created domain.com with wildcard SSL.
It works well with SSL. The certificate shows *.domain.com, domain.com.

When I create a new domain “newdomain.com” an Alias “newdomain.domain.com” is also created.

I can see it at http://newdomain.domain.com, but when I go to https://newdomain.domain.com it redirects to https://domain.com

Why is it so? Any ideas?

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Hi @Smedby,

Check your .htaccess file. Maybe you redirect all your HTTPS to HTTP. Or maybe you accidentally switch HTTPS to HTTP towards your domain registrar or Cloudflare if Cloudflare is installed.

Let me know…

A certificate cannot redirect the browser. I don’t think your title matches what’s actually happening here.

The .htaccess is only the standard for Wordpress.

I have a wildcard certificate for domain.com. DNS also have *.domain.com
When I create a new server it creates newdomain.com and www.newdomain.com
It also creates newdomain.domain.com as an extra alias.
That is ment to be able to build the site before the dns is changed.
When the site is ready I will change dns for newdomain.com and get it’s own certificate.

Am I correct when I think the wildcard certificate should cover this temporary address?
Does it work for others?

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Same issue for me. I cannot create a Let’s Encrypt certificate that includes both primary domain(s) and all aliases.

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