Wildcard SSL cert installation

I need to install a wildcard cert for a domain on my virtualmin GPL server. I have followed the directions here: http://www.virtualmin.com/documentation/tutorial/how-to-add-multidomain-ssl-certificate using a wildcard cert from startssl.com.

At the moment, this is a new server and I have only one temporary domain directed to it, for development purposes. When I browse to the domain, Firefox is telling me it’s an untrusted domain.

The “live” site is still at https://payments.example.com. In setting up virtualmin, I create a virtual server example.com, then created a subserver payments.example.com. This will be the “real” structure once we cutover. For testing purposes, I then created an alias of payments.example.com called payments.temp.example.com. I believe I should be able to browser to https://payments.temp.example.com and get a trusted connection, but Firefox is not doing that. Google and Safari give me the same trouble.

In creating the cert at startssl.com, I specified a subdomain for the wildcard as “*.example.com”.

What am I doing wrong?

As a follow on item, eventually we will installing an OpenID server here as well, and every user will have their own subdomain in the form of “username.example.com”, although each subdomain won’t be specifically entered in virtualmin or apache since there are thousands of them. I’ve done true wildcards before in apache so I really don’t have any questions about that, just wondering what they’re going to look like in Virtualmin.