Why my HTTPS website display "The website you are about to open is misleading"?

| OS type and version | Ubuntu 20.04 LTS |
| Virtualmin version | 7.7-3 |


As you can see here, I installed the SSL Certificat:

But when I trying to access to this domain worklx.com or to direct URL https://worklx.com, I get this SSL Certificat Error that means “The website you are about to open is misleading” :

However, I installed the Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate as you can see on the first screenshot above.

I even deleted the SSL Certificate to reinstall it but despite that, each time we try to access this site, we get the Page error in red saying that: “The website you are about to open is misleading”.

How to fix this???
How to allow Web Browsers to recognize the SSL Certificate ???

Please, Help me.


This may seem silly, but…

Under “Edit Virtual Server” is “Apache SSL” or similar enabled?

Thanks for replying. But don’t see “Apache SSL” as you can see here:

I really need to fix this problem.
Help Please.


You don’t presently have SSL enabled for the domain, which is why you are getting the error. While a cert has been created, it’s not affiliated with the domain yet.

Navigate to “System Settings > Features and Plugins” and make sure SSL is enabled there. Then go back to the “Edit Virtual Server” and you should see “Apache SSL” which you’ll then enable.

Thanks again but as you can see here, “Apache SSL” is already enable for this “worklx.com” domain:

Anything else or what’s wrong ???

It may not be the certificate, have you checked in Google search console for a issue with the site?

your on the unsafe website list by this site

I noticed Site info

This info was last updated on Dec 1, 2022.

If your site is safe, use google search console to fix. From memory you request the site to be re scanned.

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Has nothing to do with SSL.

Your domain is in a database of sites that distribute malware or otherwise do nasty things. If you have never done that, and if you recently acquired the domain name, you have a problem on your hands. I’m not sure how one gets off of such a list.

But, nothing you do with SSL will fix it.

No, is there any way to fix that ???

Stefan made a suggestion that sounds reasonable.

I would have to google. I’ve never had this problem.

yep you can. Have you setup the site in Google Search Console? If so, there a section to see issues and fix them

Thanks but I get “No problem detected” when I click on “Manual actions”:

But on “Security Issues”, I have on problem:

II do not understand anything anymore.
Could you give me another Help to fix that Bug ???

Whats the button say?

Request a review” but after clicking ont it, unable to submit it:

Just fill out the form explain what you did I guess, long time since I had the issue. If this is a new site. Say the old website has been remove and and clean site has replaced it.

Not sure of your history.

Yes of course the old site has been completely deleted and all its FTP files as well. Also, I just fill in the description field and send the request.

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