Why is mail delivery folder different between 2 virtual servers?

OS type and version 2.0.04 Ubuntu
Virtualmin version Latest

I have 2 virtual servers, vps1.domain.com and domain.com. In the “Virtualmin > Server Configuration > Spam and Virus Delivery > Destination for Spam Emails” one server says ‘.junk’ and the other says .spam’.

Where is this setting to change back to the proper ‘.spam’? I can’t find it anywhere.

If you connect an email client software like Outlook, Outlook Express, Apple Mail amongst others, these client software will create and use their own folders which are named as per their own conventions. It is therefore quite common to find not only junk and spam folders but also Sent and Sent Items folders when multiple email clients are used to access a mailbox.

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Thank you I have indeed seen that behavior.

They are not able to adjust the Virtualmin configuration settings as I understand it though. My screenshots are from the Virtualmin Server Configuration page.

Maybe it gets it from the Virtualmin Configuration?

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That config is set the same in both, to “$HOME/Maildir/.spam/”

Weird, that where it get the config from I would of thought. Both clean installs?


They are 2 virtual servers on the same webmin/virtualmin install. They are recent installs

Ok this is really wild, both now say the same path:

They both naw say “.junk”


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