Why doesn't Vmin understand the character "1"

I raised this on another topic but probably deserves a question of its own.

I have a domain 1domain.com that I have added as a Virtualmin top level server.

The domain location was changed (without me doing anything) to onedomain !! “/home/onedomain” along with the admin name.

It took me a while to spot it as I was looking for /home/1domain.com

I have just added another domain 1domainxx.co.uk and the same thing onedomainxx

Confused - does Vmin not like the character “1” ? will this happen for “2”…“3” and what if the “1” is elsewhere in the domain name eg dom1ain.tld

Names can’t start with a number in some services (maybe at the system level, too, I don’t recall). It is not a Virtualmin limitation, it’s other services, Virtualmin is just accommodating them.



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Thanks, I have never come across such a limitation before. It sort of makes a mockery of domain names and has me even wondering about numbers in other programs (C++, Javascript/Node, Python) IIRC it was also permitted in just about every language.

Try making a variable named 1domain in those languages and let me know how it goes.

Again, though, it’s not up to us. Virtualmin used to allow it, as I recall, but then MySQL and some other stuff choked on it. So, we fixed it as best we could.

As long as the domain account is a UNIX user account and shares user names with all the other services, it’s just something we have to deal with.

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