Why does virtualmin uses my CP name????

Hello public,

I have some few questions.

  1. why does virtualmin uses my Computer name for NS Records when i create a virtual server???
  2. what is the point then for entering your FQDN during installation if that is the case.?
  3. how do i include my own default name server.?(NS record). That will be use for entire virtual servers.

Can someone just be bold and give me answers…? are there no virtualmin Experts out there??

As my questions are not answered correctly though i make them very ordered.

Please help a desperate man will you?

It sounds like you may want to review your DNS settings… you can do that in System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> BIND DNS Domain.

The hostname is used by default, but that can be changed by setting “Master DNS server hostname” as well as “Additional manually configured nameservers”.


Going to
System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> BIND DNS Domain. does not give much.

The space provided is for new D.I.Y yes? but how do i even start with things.??? .

I need the template on text. and i can fix things there.

All hands …

Please advice.