Why chrome show always insecure certificate

OS type and version centos 7
Virtualmin version 7.7

strange problem, always in chrome the sites are with insecure certificates even though certificates are received from let’s encrypt

what is wrong here and certificates on web sites are always insecure?

Is the warning of the website shown also on other devices, like your phone, etc.? Also, what is the error message code/message it shows up? Is it possible to printscreen the website? It’s not necessarily a certificate error

it shows the site insecure only no errors but when i make it with https:// in the begining the site is secure without https:// just the url alone like for example www.specialwebdesign.gr the site is insecure it seems that there is something with the ports can you help me to set correctly the ports if that is the solution to this problem

thank you


This might be a caching problem with Chrome. I have noticed this with some new VS created with a valid certificate (LE) where the browser window has been opened to the site prior to installing the cert (ie with http) Chrome seems to use its cache very much in favour to the new site’s cert. I have found that this problem seems to just disappear after 24 hours as long as you shut down both the viewing page and the browser. This might also be due to any one of the number of add ons I use for Chrome - but have not specifically identified which.
As the problem seems to go away after a day - I have learned to live with it and have stopped blaming Virtualmin or myself.

I assume you have tried other browsers and they load the site correctly?

have you restarted chrome ? I guess this only applies to chrome & not other browsers ?
maybe chrome is out of date ? if you know for sure the site has a valid ssl cert & there are no errors in other browsers maybe checking for the latest version might help I currently have

Version 114.0.5735.106 (Official Build) (64-bit)

This site using firefox is insure.
www.specialwebdesign.gr uses an invalid security certificate.

The certificate is not trusted because it is self-signed.

There no Lets encrypt certificates.

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