anyone familiar with this professional looking whois, domain registration, billing and provisioning software and know if this can be implemented with virtualmin? It is only an amazing $35 …

whois.cart does work with cpanel and a few others with rAPI



I don’t know anything about it, but I’ve heard pretty good things about it.

If anyone is their customer, feel free to let them know that we’d be happy to work with them on getting it integrated with Virtualmin.

i made some inquiries in their forum and a HAPI can be developed shortly was the reply.
I replied that per haps a talk with you guys would make a smoother progress.

They also have a support ticket/helpdesk/chat/faq etc system that also looks very nice indeed. Haven’t checked the price though.

If that HAPI will happen then for sure I will buy it and I think many other VM users as well.
I’ll most likely will buy it even if the HAPI won’t happen as it is a complete domain registration and billing solution for webhosters.

We’d buy a copy, too, just so we could try it out and document the process of using it with Virtualmin. There’s two sales right there! :wink: