Who is cheapest of supported domain registrars

Using the Virtualmin registration feature for domain names, which of the 3 supported providers is cheapest? I cannot find buy prices for register.com and the Australian one.

Can anyone share or send link?

prices vary usually between $8 to $30 usd.
I’ve checked out registrar.com once and even with a reseller account it is about the same price as namecheap.com, but you wont have to put up a few hundred bucks to be able to buy a domain (so no discounts really)

my personal choice is still namecheap. very fast, good, fully automated, often great discounts, free whoisguard, free ssl certificates for the first year etc…lol my domains are almost instantly propagated

on a side note if you ever get a billing/support app, I recently bought WHMCS which has a provisioning module for virtualmin and a registration module for namecheap and others :wink: it’s no sales talk, just a users enthusiasm

Unfortunately, they are not one of the 3 supported registrars for Virtualmin. I am speaking of the 3 supported by Virtualmin PRO only. I realize there are plenty of others out there.