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Hi guys,

I have one small issue with whmcs.

I have bought full non expiring license for WHMCS , and plans are to manage Cloudmin KVM instances.
But unfortunately WHMCS does not support Cloudmin KVM administration.
That`s too bad and i would like to have this functionality for “Sytem SETUP” mode.

Official response: "That’s correct, the Cloudvm module does not support KVM virtualisation type at this time. "

Would it be possible somehow to plan to make autonomous module from CLOUDMIN team / or help whmcs team to integrate KVM into existing module?


It’s possible to provision KVM-based VPS’s using the Cloudmin API.

That works with both Cloudmin Pro, as well as with Cloudmin GPL.

It’s possible that when WHMCS first created their Cloudmin support, that KVM wasn’t one of the VPS types that Cloudmin supported.

However, it’s now just as simple to create a KVM-based instance as it is a Xen-based instance.

You may want to file a feature request with them, asking for the feature you want. The folks over at WHMCS are busy fellows, but we’re more than happy to work with them anytime they’d like to add such a feature if they’d like a hand.


Hi all,

we just installed cloudmin server and I was surprised that I can’t create KVM VPS with it, are there any news with this? Progress? I need this module, I didn’t even bother to check this option in whmcs cloud min module.



Well, that’s an issue you’ll want to take up with the WHMCS folks :slight_smile:

I’d recommend filing a support request with them, and ask them about being able to provision KVM instances using the Cloudmin support in WHMCS.

It’s possible to do that using the Virtaulmin API… and if they need a hand, we’ll gladly work with them.


Hey guys,

Can anyone shed some light on the difference in creating a node in Cloudmin KVM GPL vs Cloudmin GPL? Where would be a good resource for that information?

Has the virtualmin team given any thought to developing this?


The only difference that I’m aware of is “CloudMin KVM GPL” uses “KVM virtualization” and “Cloudmin GPL” uses “Xen virtualization”. I believe most commands between the two versions are identical but on the backend work with the different virtualization technology.

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