Whm = virtualmin and usermin =cpanel?

Hello, I have a question with virtualmin, I just installed it but wanted to confirm something

Virtualmin = WHM

Usermin = CPANEL

I have my main domain domain.com where I enter as administrator and I have full control (root) I have another domain configured domain2.com with its respective user, but when I enter the administration I only see access to mail and very simple usermin, without any alternative

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No, not quite. Usermin would be webmail.

There is Webmin, Virtualmin and Usermin. There is also Cloudmin. Google is your friend. #rtfm

Hi @mrnico,

Virtualmin is a subset of Webmin.
Webmin is a server administration system. There is no WHM equivalent of this. It allows one to control every single aspect of your server, and more. WHM is only for controlling shared hosting.

Virtualmin, the subset, allows shared hosting server and domain administration.

Usermin is just Webmail. It’s a basic interface a lot like Horde, but Virtualmin, the shared hosting administration panel, also comes with Horde and Roundcube, just like WHM does.

What you are probably trying to figure out is how a normal user would access your system, versus how an administrator would access your system.

So, a normal user, accesses their “panel” via port 10000, just like the administrator. This is different to WHM. In a WHM system the admin accesses port 2087 where the end-user accesses port 2083.

So, your normal user would log into the panel using their username and password.


Then they will have a limited view of administration capability. I guess one could say this is the same at cPanel on port 2083.

If your user like the basic interface of Usermin, which I doubt, they could log into the Webmail on port 20000, e.g.:


My personal preference is a new domain call it “webmail.ourbusiness.com” and then deploying Roundcube using the Script installer.


No, not at all.

Usermin is a completely separate (optional) tool, unrelated to Virtualmin, though the Virtualmin installer installs Usermin because it is a webmail client, among other things, that integrates nicely with Virtualmin and Webmin.

Administrators and domain owners login to the same UI. When you login to Webmin (Virtualmin) as a domain owner user, that is not Usermin. Usermin is a webmail client, among other things, that runs on port 20000, by default.

The access domain owners have is configurable in Virtualmin, in Server Templates, Account Plans, and Virtualmin Configuration. You can grant Virtualmin domain owners a lot or a little access. It defaults to a little (though it could be even less, the default is intended to be a usable subset).

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Thanks for your answers, I am already working without problems, I understood the separation of each user and so far I am doing well, but I must point out that some things are more complicated than necessary.
There is still work to improve some processes, which according to me should be simpler (upgrade versions of php, mysql etc). Is it because I use centos 7? and should I use centos 8? thanks!

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We trust you to pick the OS that fits your needs. We don’t replace PHP, MySQL, etc. with our own arbitrary (and, by definition, less tested and well-maintained versions). It would be a bug, not a feature, for us to replace your OS packages with our own (we do replace httpd packages in CentOS 7 and below, because it was necessary to even be able to do necessary things…now that php-fpm is available to solve those problems, we don’t replace httpd packages in CentOS). It is a bug that other control panels replace those packages with their own less-tested and less well-maintained versions. If you like that bug, you’ll have to use another control panel. We won’t copy it. :wink:

Yes, and yes. If you want new packages, use a new version of your preferred OS.

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