WHM billing to support VM Pro offically !

A business partner and I just received our first testing server module for VM Pro and so far the testing has worked perfectly !

The module will allow you to create a new server on 3 different conditions…

[ol][li]Automatically create the account as soon as an order is placed[/li]
[li]Automatically create the account as soon as the first payment is received[/li]
[li]Automatically create the account when you manually accept a pending order[/li][/ol]

It can also suspend an account and the website automatically if payment has not been received within time specified you set.

You can also delete the server.

Official release date has not been set but I think it should be within the next 2 weeks.


Well I tried to attach a couple screenshots but this forum sucks and wouldn’t allow it and after editing the image size which you aren’t informed of prior to attaching I never got that option again – FIX THIS POS FORUM.

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Very cool, Scott!

Indeed !

thats funny cause I asked for this last year and asked for a quote on developing this. After a month I asked for the status and Matt told me it wasn’t in beta yet. I brought him and Jamie in contact last year to sort this out.

the funny part of it is that you now have the module for testing but I have not…not even on answer on the current status …

Sorry about that.

the funny part of it is that you now have the module for testing but I have not..not even on answer on the current status ...

It’s coming…don’t worry. Jamie is working with Matt. It only just started working–nobody is keeping anything from you out of spite.

Be kind to Matt. This is exciting news, so let’s make sure he knows we appreciate him putting for the effort to support Virtualmin, and not pick on him for taking so long to come around to supporting Virtualmin. :wink:

(Also note that we’re releasing the full API into Virtualmin GPL in the next revision. I don’t think WHMCS will be doing anything with the more advanced parts of the API, yet, but there will be tens of thousands of users to encourage developers to do more interesting stuff in the future.)

In case, you haven’t noticed, I’m excited that we have another billing option, and it seems to be one that folks really like and is cost-effective.

sorry if I came across a bit negative. That was not intended whatsoever.
In fact I am very happy since, for me at least, I only had to wait a bit for the development.
After a follow-up email, Matt send the module to me and I am testing it now.

Found some small issues which I reported in a ticket.
Seems WHM found a new customer in me :wink: and I bet I won’t be the only one after the official release

yohoo. yep, Im excited too!

Next is also to get the namecheap module bugfree which is in WHM

What was the bug ?

i have several small issues yet.
no email sent upon creating server (not from VM nor WHM)
terminate/suspend cmd not working: module command error
login username for virtualmin is domain.tld while whm says its just domain (I’d like domain.tld to prevent a clash)

and some other minor stuff

And I don’t have any of those issues. Odd

Are you running WHM on a different server than the webhost server?
Cause I had a timeout in the browser during creation that is caused by a service restart. It occurs when having the WHM on the same server as the created domains.

Matt confirmed that VM does not send out an email upon creation, but you can have WHM send out one. I wonder yet if all the credentials for the client are in there. How would WHM know about these?

WHM takes the first 8 characters of the domain for a login, this differs much from the login of Virtualmin depending on your configuration. WHM should take over the login from VM, else a client can not login to his panel.

I always have my billing on its own server so I never experienced the apache issues you had.

As for the email I edited my welcome email to let them know I would be sending out another email to access there website control panel.

that is an idea of course but would be missing the whole point of automation imo
also it is possible to change the login name to the correct one in WHM during acceptance of the order. It needs manual interference.

I would like the system to create domains after payment and the client to be able to log in to webmin while I am not online. Let’s see if Matt and Jamie can work this out…

It might also be possible to let the client log in to the VM panel through the WHM client area as soon as that ‘login button’ is hooked into the api as well.

I have bought WHMCS today as I believe the Version 1 of the virtualmin module is very workable.
I had to switch to CGI for the domain Im running whmcs on as I keep it on the same server. Now it is running flawless.

To anyone using virtualmin and looking for a good billing/support and automated provisioning application, whmcs is very affordable and professional.

Ill keep in touch with Matt from whmcs to add more features to the version 2 of the module (see my previous posts)

I really suggest not running the billing on the same hosting server if possible. To many things to go wrong doing that.

It’d be possible to run it on the same physical server, but with a separate Apache (or other web server) instance for the billing system.

The issue that comes up is that sometimes Virtualmin has to restart Apache during virtual server creation (mainly when enabling new IPs and enabling SSL), and if the billing system is running under the same web server Virtualmin is resetting, it might lose state during the transaction. Virtualmin, by default, does a graceful reload of configuration files, which should allow things to continue under almost every circumstance.

So, it’s perfectly safe to run the billing system on the same machine…but you need a separate web server instance to be completely certain it’ll never confuse the billing app. We probably ought to add some sort of mechanism to set up such a creature easily. It’s not all that difficult to run multiple Apache instances, but it can be confusing to folks who aren’t familiar with the process (it requires separate config files, PID, and log files, and a separate init script). That might be a useful addition to the documentation.

After thorough testing we found out it is actually much easier than this, when running whm on the same server (and I have to as I have only 1 production server).

You need to run the whmcs-domain in CGI, wether you do a graceful restart or not. That’s all there is to it. Since I switched that domain to cgi, it creates/suspends/unsuspends/terminates the virtual servers in virtualmin flawlessly.
(my /etc/webmin/apache/config = apply_cmd=/etc/rc.d/init.d/httpd graceful)

Also I created a webmin user with only access to ‘Virtualmin Virtual Servers’ as I don’t want whmcs to log in as root.

I had a ticket running in the bugtracker:
Comment by Jamie Cameron (JamieCameron) - Monday, 09 February 2009, 19:33 GMT

That looks good to me. Also, make sure you switch the domain to CGI mode for PHP scripts … it turns out that a graceful restart kills PHP run via fcgid.

Also I had tickets running with Matt from whmcs who has been very supportive.

Maybe VM Pro could do this as a addon then ?

As for me I have a cheap server that just runs the billing system so it works out fine for me.

you could have the WHMCS trial version in the install scripts, including the vm module with a warning that the domain needs to be put in cgi :wink:


Just wondering if this module is going to work for the free version of Virtualmin?

Best Regards,