Whitelist IP in FirewallD

I am using Webmin with Virtualmin to manage some web hosting I am running. One thing baffles me is that there is no options to whitelist an IP/range through the gui using FirewallD, which I could otherwise very easily setup via CLI on a non-Webmin server using UFW.

While I can easily disable ports for the public (default) zone using FirewallD via the Webmin GUI I cannot find any options to whitelist IPs to some/all ports.

Currently, I am using a default setup which uses FirewallD by default to manage the firewall. I can understand that public(default) zone is what I should be working with to allow/block incoming ports from general web traffic. I can also understand that certain zones can be setup with a custom config but I do not see any way to associate those other (non-default) zones with a particular IP/range for example. It would be logical to me that a zone could be assigned to an IP/range to work like a whitelist… or for me to just be able to whitelist an IP for full unrestricted port access. But I cannot find options to do this.

Please can someone advise if I am missing something?

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