While installing Virtualmin, Is there any option to choose which database needs to be installed (MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB)?

I tried to find the documentation related to choosing database at the time of Virtualmin installing… can any one guide with it…

In my case I want to install Nginx with Mysql or MangoDb

MongoDB has nothing to do with Virtualmin. Install it after Virtualmin has been installed, has no bearing on your other databases.

For MySQL or MariaDB, you have to choose one or the other (at least if you want it to be at all easy). As of Virtualmin 7 (installer currently in open beta) we install MariaDB on all supported distributions. If you want to change to MySQL, you can do that after installing but before running the postinstall wizard. Search the forums for the exact steps (it is only three steps, not complicated). But, if you don’t know why you need so switch and you aren’t really sure you need to switch, you should stick with the default.

If you really want MySQL and are using Ubuntu, you could choose Ubuntu 20.04 and use the Virtualmin 6 installer (it’s going away soon, though, so get it done soon), which uses MySQL by default. But for newer distros and MariaDB, use the Virtualmin 7 beta installer.

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