Which URL to use for the VirtualMin RedHat/Centos repo config?

on some older RedHat systems with older VirtualMin versions, I see in the virtualmin-universal repo config file the baseurl is


but on a few other newer systems I see


This difference came to my attention when I was looking for webmin 1.999-2 – the newer repo has it while the older one does not.

from another post –

Perhaps, you have issues with Virtualmin repos? It is easy to fix your repos by downloading [install.sh ] (Downloading and Installing Virtualmin – Virtualmin) script and running it with install.sh -s flag to setup repos and exit.

I believe there are similar differences in the baseurl for the virtualmin repo too.

Should I go around and update the repo configs on all my systems, or are the older URLs still supported?

If the older repo URL should still work, please add webmin 1.999-2 to it :smiley:


You can use the new beta script with the --setup flag to update repos

Yes, this is the best way to re-configure repos automatically. We put a lot of efforts into making it work across different installs and various distros smoothly.

As mentioned previously by Stefan, use Virtualmin 7 pre-release version of install.sh script and run it as install.sh --setup from your console.

ok – and I see that INSTALL.SH above is a live URL link to the file at github … THANKS.

AND … does this mean the ‘other’ repo will never get 1.999-2 and forever stay with 1.994-1?

No, I don’t think @Joe has forgotten and will push upcoming Webmin 2.000 to the old repos as well. There was a bug in Webmin 1.999-2 which affects older systems (i.e. CentOS 7).

Now I am a bit nervous … as I was hoping to upgrade several RedHat/Centos 7 boxes to 1.999-2.

What is a good landing spot for webmin for Centos 7 ? Maybe I don’t use webmin enough … at the moment several servers seem happy with 1.994-1

There only one problem found with CentOS 7, that is Webmin BIND config file is being updated incorrectly. You can manually save /etc/webmin/bind8/config file and restore it after manual upgrade of Webmin 1.999-2 … or rather (better) wait for upcoming Webmin 2.000 release to appear in Virtualmin repos.

I have centos 7, upgraded with no issues.


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