Which products can I import / migrate from?


It seems that Virtualmin will recognize and import / migrate data from a cPanel backup and I beleive I read in the forums that Plesk is also supported as an import ‘format’.

Is there a more definitive list of which types of ‘backup’ / sources can be imported when creating a new virtual server please?




If you have Virtualmin installed already, you can see what it can import, as well as all the import options, in Add Servers -> Migrate Virtual Servers.

It can import cPanel, Ensim, Plesk, and LXadmin backup files.


Migration from Lxadmin (Kloxo) works except that it reports no $dom-mmail-* file found when attempting to create mailboxes.

If line 270 is changed to:

local ($mfile) = glob("$root/$dom-mmail-*.tgz");

then the mailboxes are created successfully. Perhaps the original file migration-lxadmin.pl could be changed?

  • Rob


Hmm, that may be a bug that you’re seeing in the migration script.

That, or maybe something about the backup archives changed in recent versions?

What I’d suggest though is filing a bug report using the “Support” link above, and Jamie will be able to work with you regarding what’s going on there.

Also, would it be possible for him to see an example backup file? He may ask for one, just a heads up.