Which product is right for me?

Here’s my planned setup:
I will order vds A from my provider with 4 cpu cores and 16gb ram
I will resell vds A with the same specs, 4 cpu cores and 16gb ram.

What I need
My provider currently provides a control panel with their branding. I want to provide a control panel without their branding to my customers.

My question:
Which product would allow me to give my users the the same VDS specs, while having a management console that can stop and start the server from outside of the OS?

I don’t know what a VDS is.

Cloudmin is our product that manages virtual machines and containers, but it generally needs to be running on the bare metal to do so, at least for KVM and Xen. Some types of container can work within a virtual machine, though that’s not gonna be a well-supported or documented deployment. Cloudmin can also manage virtual machines at some cloud providers (e.g. Google Cloud and AWS), but that doesn’t sound anything like what you’re working with.

I don’t really think anybody has what you’re asking for, but we definitely don’t.

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