Which port for Blesta webhosting client management platform

Hi guys,
i have finally got through the headache of getting blesta working on virtualmin.

  1. I am now wondering, which port do i assign during the Blesta Server configuration process for controling the server…my https port 443 or the virtualmin port 10000?

(my assumption is that i would need to use port 10000 but i am not sure)

  1. i need to enter a server hostname for the virtualmin server intend to use blesta to provision services on. My assumption is that one should use hostname.fqdn? (ie “server1.mydomain.com” as blesta doesnt ask for an ip address for the server)

  2. which user should ii setup to work with blesta? When using whmcs i think i was using the root user?

  3. my admin user when logging into virtualmin itself, requires two factor authentication. Will this be a problem for blesta to interract with server in order to provision services?

I have resolved my problem i think.

blesta uses port 10000, however, the issue is with the hostname blesta requests. I used https:host.domain.com as the hostname however this did not work.
I changed it to the server public ip address (ie its static external ip) and voila…blesta now sees the virtualmin virtual server templates i created on the server.

So i am now not sure if the issue is the addition of the port number, or whether it should have been an ipaddress in the first place (as whmcs uses)?

to be honest, in the time since I started this thread, I have had no end of trouble with Blesta and Virtualmin.

Better off to just use WHMCS (which I have done).

Considering the monthly difference in price is only the cost of a cup of coffee, WHMCS is by a long way the better option.