Which kind of server for backup


Could tell me which kind of service’s backup server do you use for your daily cron backup ? I need 7 days of restore between 750 GB and 1T …

This is for client restore after errors or crash

Any Idea ?

Many thks for your help

We use Dropbox for our Virtualmin.com backups, and I think Jamie uses S3 for his. Those are the best supported cloud options. We also keep backups on one of our servers in colo (since it has huge disks that we aren’t using heavily), and copy the backups there with scp. Since your backups are quite large (we’re only backing up ~50GB, I think, so none of the cloud options are prohibitively expensive), price is probably a concern for you. At least a couple of folks are using rclone to backup to other cloud providers…I think they said Backblaze was among the cheapest options (and we’re considering adding support for it, if we can find time).

Edit: Note that Dropbox is, I think, still only in Virtualmin Pro (new features often go into Pro first, and then trickle down into GPL over time). But S3 is in GPL, as well. And, of course scp is available in both.


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borgbackup deduplicating backup works best for us. to another server used only as backup space… borg saves us lots of space, 1st run takes some time, backups after that are quite fast…
we tried virtualmin tar/bz2, rsync, scp, but nothing beats borgbackup’s speed & space management.

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Very nice for your reply !

Many thks

Hmmm … And where do you export ? On which company … Because it’s a Big question too :wink: thks

You mean for your VIRTUAL server…

LOCAL , INTErnet / INtranet ?

Then also the location where and which network are used , for the account DATA bandwith…?
And NETWORK resources , to take care off.

Keep in mind (active) online backups are equal to nobackups if some are using crypto viruses, or hacker destroying backups also!

Here in Netherlands problems with a UNIVersity now…

So crash should not be the only reason to make backups, but hacks virus and co need mostly a different backup plan then only crash! ( you also need a tested and still also random live testing desaster recovery plan) that all including for backups and testing them real separated networks

Example openstack platforms ( alternative S3 and co) you can running your virtualmin servers as instances , , create snapshots , images , and backups on extra mounted drives / instances , those you can have in a kind of local virtual network so less or none bandwith of your account is used. Also network outbound traffic is less a problem if doing large backup jobs! ( and you can separate “virtual” network parts there on the fly)

You can put server / disk ( images) off line so you have kind of offline backups to, you can even use containers and docker…

Different backups, ( server software and config, user configs , user data) need different end solutions in desaster recovery plans.

KEEP in MIND that amount of DATA in backup/restore/disaster recovery plan has some COSTS, but losing that amount of DATA is almost always EOL :cold_face:

Mostly the budgets for good desaster recovery plans/ policies are to low, then you have to change agreements that all depending risks are for clients themselves in such cases.

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Thks for your reply but with which company do you host your backup server … that’s my question :wink: thks !

I know you asked someone else sorry.

We do at the same on Holland as the servers are , this is what i did trying to explain to avoid real outbound costly traffic for backups if it makes sense.

I use a remote SSH destination for my personal backups, and use Dropbox in some cases (since I also use that for some other personal file storage).

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Merci bcp Eric pour ton retour ! Olivier

I use Backblaze via rclone as a post-backup command.

Last I checked, there was no GUI module for Backblaze on Webmin / Virtualmin and it was not on the list of additional destinations in the Backup panel. But it takes about three minutes to set via SSH using rclone, and then you just append the rclone command to the Backup routine.

Although there’s no official rclone or Backblaze integration (at least the last time I looked), Virtualmin is smart enough to be aware of the rclone transfer; so you won’t be notified of successful completion of the backup until both the local and remote backups are completed. The time will refer to the total time it took for both the local and remote to run.

The reason I like Backblaze is because upload transfer and storage are dirt cheap, so I can stash huge files there with many versions for many days. Download transfer is more expensive, however. Also, because there’s no GUI implementation (the last time I checked), it wouldn’t be a great option if you have exceptionally dumb users who hose their systems on a regular basis.

Restores are accomplished by manually running rclone to copy the desired backup back to the server from the remote storage. It supports many remote destinations besides Backblaze, by the way.

My Perl skills are … let’s just say “less than wonderful,” or else I’d write a Backblaze GUI module or integration around rclone (it’s F/OSS). But it’s extremely easy to set up from the shell.


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Hi @Zeo_Internet,

We use Wasabi.com (it’s S3 compatible). You’ll just need to understand how it works and bills to ensure it meets with your own use case.

I’m pretty staggered at 750GB - 1TB of daily back-up (if I’m reading this correctly, or is that your weekly total?). Maybe you need to evaluate what you need to backup, why you think you need it backed-up, what level of disaster mitigation you need, and do you have the server AND network resources to run a backup of that size every day?

Hello ds4uk ! :wink:

1 To is for 7 days :wink:

Many thks for your reply …

Hi Joe & andreychek, I don’t see how to setup scheduled backup to use dropbox … sorry i’m very noob :((

I’ll explain what I want to do :

First of all, for customer :

I’ve taken a (temporary) pro account to dropbox to test …
So, i’ll like to : create scheduled backup everyday for each virtual server and after this backup, server will upload automaticcly for each day each backup …

but i don’t see anything on scheduled backup how to do this … or i’m very stupid or tired :smiley:

May be too if it’s running as well, i’ll create a scheduled backup for server system … once a week for ex.

But which information & where could I put in ?

Many thks for your help !

PS : I’m on PRO … so may be i must check … i’ll see now thks

I’ve found ! i’ve actived PRO extensions and no all is ok thks for your help ! ;-)))))

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