Which is better nginx or apache?

hello, hope you all doing well!
I’m new to the system of Webmin, and noob in Linux system and administrator…
i have now Webmin + Virtualmin installed with Nginx 1.20.2 , Rocky Linux 8.5.
and i want to ask you guys a few questions
1- which one is more working fine and compatible with Webmin?
2- I want to install ModSecurity is it fine? with both ? or better with one of it?

my websites contain ( WordPress, PHP script site, xenforo )

thank you very much

Either or. Doesn’t matter.

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In almost all cases, you should use what you are most familiar with. Both are supported.

That said, Apache is still the best supported and documented, and what I recommend if you don’t have good reasons to choose nginx. That’s also true of mod_security…it was built for Apache, originally, and is still best documented there.

So, if you have a strong preference, don’t ask us…use your preference. But that assumes you know enough to have an informed preference. Otherwise, use the default (Apache is the default).

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thank you very much for your answer Gomez_Adams and Joe
have a nice day.

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