Which 64-bit version of OS must be installed on the host???


Are there any resctrictions on which CENTOS-64 host OS version must be used in order to install Clouldmin with a few VPSs running virtualmin on XEN?

I installed a developemt server quite some time ago and I remember that I could not use the latest Centos (6.x) because there was an issue with either Cloudmin or Vitualmin with XEN.

Can someone remind me?
I basically want to order a server from a DC and I am not sure which OS should be installed to the host.
Any help is much appreciated!

Thank you.


Well, the problem is that CentOS 6 doesn’t support Xen – they moved from supporting Xen to KVM.

So it shouldn’t be a problem to use CentOS 6 with KVM. Or if you needed Xen support, you could use CentOS 5, or one of the other distros that offers Xen support.