Whether to use ondrej/apache2 or stay with Ubuntu version on 16.4

I’m wondering whether to use the ondrej/apache2 packages or just the Ubuntu provided apache2 packages.

Ondrej has newer Apache2-versions (i.e. Apache/2.4.52), Ubuntu uses older patched older versions (i.e. Apache/2.4.18 in 16.04 LTS, Apache/2.4.29 in 18.04 LTS, Apache/2.4.41 in 20.04 LTS). I guess most CVE’s are already patched there, so it’s not a very big security decision, otherwise, staying up to date is also a good thing I guess.

I found this topic when searching for more info:

Almost nobody reacted, so I was wondering whether others didn’t use it on purpose, or have other suggestions why to use (or not use) it. Does someone have experience and/or problems using the repository in the last years? Is it 100% compatible with Virtualmin?

You should not be using Ubuntu 16.04. It has been EOL since early last year.

If you’re paying Canonical for extended support you should definitely use their packages for everything, because I doubt any volunteers are still maintaining packages for an unsupported distro.

And, in the general case, you should not use third party packages unless you really know you need to, and you know why. Unless you are literally unable to do what you need to do with the OS-provided packages, you should stick with them. Anything else is asking for extra work and higher likelihood of security issues.

Hi, Ubuntu 16.04 was just a clarification, no worries, I don’t use it anymore :slight_smile: .

I’m using the Ondrej php packages (because I want to support multiple php environments) for years without any problems. When installing the ppa I see a notification from the maintainer suggesting to combine it with the use of the Ondrej apache2-package.
That’s the reason I’m wondering.

But based on your answer (and the fact that I never had compatibility issues between Ubuntu apache2 & ondrej php) I think it’s better for me to stay with the original Ubuntu apache2 (within LTS and/or ESM)

Unless you are using mod_php (which you definitely should not be), you shouldn’t have any problems with the PHP packages being independently maintained. The two share no code or configuration and communicate via standard protocols rather than an ABI.

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