Where to set default value for Maximum PHP script run time?

Maximum PHP script run time is set to 40 seconds by default. I would like to get this changed either to unlimited or 80 seconds.

I know I can change this for a specific website going to Virtualmin -> Server Configuration -> Website Options. However I have to change this value every time I create a virtual server, so that is why I’d like to set this once and forever.

There are lots of threads like:


which discussed this issue, but none of them points where exactly this value can be set by default.

Edit: Probably I also should mention that my system is Centos 6.3 and that instructions on this page http://www.heath-whyte.info/david/computers/mod_fcgid-timeouts-and-downloads didn’t help for CentOS.



It’s possible that this may not be enough when using FCGID – but a place to start here would be to change the php.ini template that you’re using… that’s in /etc/php.ini by default.

In there, you could change the max_execution_time to a higher number – and then that would be copied to all new domains that are being setup.


Thanks Eric!