Where to find the "Install Scripts" engine inside the webmin directory ?

Hi, i want to create a custom installation feedback for when a user installs a script.

Currently, it tells what file is downloaded and the current percentage one on each line, etc

i’d like to create a progress bar, showing icons when a module is installed with a nice short animation on a timeline.

I just need to know where the perl file is locate to apply my styles.

thanks for your help!

Here’s Jamie’s docs about developing Install Scripts:


The scripts API is somewhat limited, and probably won’t give you the kind of control you’d need to add stuff to the UI during install.

The actual Install Scripts code is in scripts-lib.pl and script_form.cgi and script_install.cgi (all in the virtual-server directory within the Webmin install directory).

If you’d like to contribute back your changes, you can send us patches via the ticket tracker (no guarantee they’ll be included, as we’re currently doing some renovations to the Install Scripts as well).