Where to find additional scripts for Pro

Upgraded to VM Pro. Script installers still only shows the scripts that come with GPL. What do I need to do to refresh the installation of VMPro so it lists all the installers/scripts

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Please help with this somebody thank you

Support for Virtualmin Pro is best handled in the support tracker (we all monitor it, and usually respond the same day). As a Pro subscriber, you’re entitled to unlimited premium support incidents in the tracker.

That means the upgrade to Virtualmin Pro did not work. Have you used the “Upgrade to Pro” feature within Virtualmin to perform the upgrade? It’ll ask for your serial number and license key, which you can find under “Account->Software Licenses”. Once it has that info, it’ll change the software repositories to point to the Pro repos, and will upgrade the Virtualmin virtual-server module to be the Pro version, with all of the Install Scripts. If there are errors doing that, let us know, and we can help you resolve any problems that come up.

I went through the upgrade process, it said it was successful. Listed the license etc but shows unlimited domains, supposed to be 10.
I then ran the installation over an existing installation (using the script in the license detail tab of my account). It ran through. I rebooted the server . Logged into VMin and still can’t see any other installers. did the “recheck configuration”…no change.
Will submit this in the support section.
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Never re-run the install script on an existing system! It has the potential to damage existing configuration, or overwrite changes you’ve made to configuration. There’s a big loud warning about that when you start the install script.

That’s definitely still the GPL version, so we need to figure out where it failed and fix it.

Is this a CentOS or Debian/Ubuntu system? We need to check the repo configuration (either /etc/yum.repos.d/virtualmin.repo or /etc/apt/sources.list), but don’t post those details here, as it’ll probably contain your serial number and license key. It’s possible to mark support tickets private, so the best way to proceed may be to open a ticket in the issue tracker with that information.

Usually we just need to update the repo configuration, or at least confirm the correct information is in the repo config, and force an upgrade to the Pro package (using the --oldpackage option for CentOS…I don’t remember how to force it with apt on Ubuntu/Debian).

Hi Joe,

Thank you for the response. I had already updated and closed this ticket in the support area. I only went through the drastic steps since this was a test setup that would later become a production server. I could afford to rather break it now and figure out what not to do.
I removed VMpro. Then reinstalled it. I only had one domain/virtual machine. Strangely, after the re installation was complete, the domain and all its settings were still there.
All the scripts appeared, even the license details were correct. The setup is as follows
Dedicated Machine with Windows Server 2016 Std. Two Hyper V Machines, with one being the Webmin/VMpro Host. Both VM Hosts are Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

So far its running smoothly. Installed Let’s encrypt, however still receiving a NOT Secure warning. This is i will check for in the forums though.

Thank you