Where to download custom Apache package?

The documentation refers to a customized Apache package, but if one is on GPL and can’t use the install script, where does one get it?

I read through the script and couldn’t find the answer, but maybe I’m blind. I need a .deb.


if your using debian or ubuntu. have you tried apt-cache search to find what your looking for? You may also have to add some repositories in your source.list file.

That’s my question. What is the address of the repository that contains this package? This a Virtualmin-customized package, according to the documentation online, and yet I can find no mention of where to obtain it.

Does anyone know? Seems like this and any other custom packages should be linked from the download page.


If you’re using Debian 4.0:

deb http://software.virtualmin.com/gpl/debian/ virtualmin-etch main

If not, you’ll need to grab the source and rebuild (which I’ll leave as an exercise for the reader, as Debian/Ubuntu makes rebuilding from source debs a real bitch).

I plan to make the GPL installer available for CentOS 4 in the next couple of days, and I might consider Ubuntu 6.06 if there is sufficient demand (I really recommend Debian 4.0 over Ubuntu 6.06, at least until the new LTS release of Ubuntu comes out–the packages are just better).

So, you are saying the package wont even work with Debian testing?

That was something I was wondering actually. I might just start over and do this by the book on Debian. Is 4.0 the way to go, with Virtualmin?