Where to add services to the System Information Page?

Hey folks,

maybe i’m blind, but i didn’t found the option to add services to the status category on the “System Information” page.

Yesterday, BIND DNS was shown up correctly but today i missed it. (take a look to the attachement)

Where can i add and delete those?


Hmm, I don’t think I’m seeing an attachment :slight_smile:

However, is the BIND feature enabled on your server? You can determine that by looking in System Settings -> Features and Plugins. It’s possible it would stop showing it if the feature were disabled.


Thanks for your reply, you got it! It was caused by deselecting BIND in Features and Plugins.

Is there a way to add Services like analog to the “System and Server Status”

Sorry, I’m not aware of a way to tweak that page… I dug around a bit looking for a way to handle that, but it appears that if the feature is disabled, it won’t show up on the status screen :slight_smile: