Where the heck are Joe and Jamie?

Howdy all,

Jamie and I are heading to Chicago for YAPC::NA in the morning, and will be somewhat less accessible than usual until Wednesday night. For those who don’t know, Virtualmin, Inc. is still a two-man shop, so 100% of your friendly support staff will be on a plane, on a train, or at a conference learning something new, and predominantly off-the-net until we get back home.

I’ve asked a very technically savvy friend of ours to check up on the forums and issue tracker to keep an eye out for urgent issues, and we will definitely be checking them at least once per day. There are also some really knowledgeable members of the community who are usually around to keep discussions from getting lonely.

That said, if you’re planning something dramatic, and expect to need our direct assistance, you might want to wait until Wednesday to do it.


And we’re back! We’ll be catching up for at least a week, so if you’ve got something urgent, you might want to ping the issue or forum post to give us a heads up about it.

We had a blast at YAPC. We met Larry Wall (the creator of Perl), and it turns out he lives a few blocks away from me here in Mountain View. And I only had to fly to Chicago to find that out.

I bought Randall Schwartz (author of Learning Perl) at the charity auction. He was a bargain, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity! So, I’ve had a couple of beers with and been beaten at pool twice by the second most famous name in Perl. I’ve also been educated about the beauty of Smalltalk (which is a current favorite language of his).

We gave out lots of T-shirts (including all of the VM2 shirts I just had printed, so I need to get a whole new batch printed!), met some really cool hackers including a few Virtualmin and Webmin users, and learned a lot of new stuff. Perl 6 is going to be scary awesome when it finally arrives (definitely around Christmas…though nobody ever says which Christmas, so I’m starting to get suspicious). I’ve also finally gotten Jamie on board with the idea of POD documentation inline in our code–so documentation for developers, in particular, is going to be getting a lot better in the coming months.

Thanks for your patience while we were away.

And special thanks to the users who stepped up to lend their expertise in our absence: andreycheck, sgrayban, and ronald come to mind immediately, but I’m sure there were a few others, as I keep coming into threads and finding that they’ve almost always been answered already–which is totally awesome. Your karma round these parts stands at an all time high.

Now I’ve gotta get back to catching up on email and tickets!