Where is hiden "Run CGI scripts as domain owner" in templates editing?

Hi All,

I’m making some templates for deploying websites using Debian 9 / Sury.org php packages and fcgid for isolating websites and allowing to choose between 7.1/7.2/7.3 Php versions.

. It is working fine as soon as I edit website after template creation for checking ‘Run CGI scripts as domain owner’. Unfortunately, i can’t find that setting, in template edition for automating creation of websites with that option prechecked.

Is it possible to preset ‘Run CGI scripts as domain owner’ in a template and how?

Additionnally, i’ve searched for those settings in virtual-server config files, and got no idea where they are stored.
It does not seem to be in virtual-server/config or in virtual-server/domains/*

Any idea?