where find out Virtualmin's DNS settings in order to change them


I’m new to all hosting business. Documentation was helpful, but all of it isn’t available at the moment.

My current site is hosted by hosting company . I wan’t to host it myself (including e-mail) At the moment im renting part of server from a large hosting company. I have access to Virtualmin.

So far I have created virtual server for my site. My current site is attached to domain, I wanted to know where inside virtualmin i can find dns setting so I can change domain settings.

Thank you.


I have a few comments –

First, your DNS settings for a given Virtual Server (ie, a domain) in Virtualmin are in Services -> DNS Domain. You’re welcome to tweak those as much as you’d like.

However, if your domain is currently being hosted at another hosting company, the related DNS settings are likely being hosted on your provider.

Lastly, note that whenever you do a “whois” lookup on your domain, you’ll see a set of nameservers associated with it (usually 2 or 3 of them).

Whatever those 2-3 nameservers are set to will be the main DNS servers for that domain.

You can register your own IP addresses to use as nameservers with your registrar, if you haven’t already.


Thanks for a fast response!

I actually have a access to my domain name settings, I just didn’t know what to write in …

How can I register my current IP as a namserver ? Or do i just input servers IP in my domain name settings ?



In order to be able to list your server as a “nameserver” for a domain or domains, you’d have to register your server as a nameserver with your registrar.

And how exactly to do that differs from registrar to registrar :slight_smile:

You’d just have to poke around in your registrar’s control panel to find where they allow you to do that.

Whatever set of nameservers is listed for a domain at the registrar – those nameservers will be the only ones consulted whenever someone attempts to browse to that domain, or send an email to someone there, and so forth.

Does that answer your question?


Not really.

My domain is located at www.domainregister.com(fictional) - I have access to it, I can change namservers and other records there etc.

I just don’t know what to change it to, since im new to servers and hosting, I have access to virtualmin, where I can manage my server. I can’t find my namserver setings in virtualmin.

I hope i made myself clear… :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, by default – as you add each Virtual Server to Virtualmin, Virtualmin is generating DNS records for you.

So in theory, you have a perfectly good DNS server setup working working DNS settings for all the domains you have plugged into Virtualmin.

What’s missing, is that your server isn’t being told to be the DNS server for those domains.

That’s where the nameservers on your registrar come in.

So, let’s say that your servers hostname is hostname.example.com. And you want to make it so that your server can be listed as a “nameserver” – what I would do are these steps:

  1. In Virtualmin, choose “example.com” from the dropdown list, and go into Services -> DNS Domain. From there, I would add two “Address” (or “A”) records – one for ns1.example.com and one for ns2.example.com, and use your server’s IP addresses for them.

  2. Go onto your registrar, and register your ns1 and ns2 records as official “nameservers” (how to do this depends on your registrar, but all registrars I’ve seen can do this). This step needs done before you can use those names as the nameservers for any given domain.

  3. Once you’ve registered your nameservers, you can then go into any of your domains, and change your domain’s nameservers to use the ones you registered – ns1.example.com and ns2.example.com in this case.

Does that get closer to answering your question? :slight_smile:


Yes this completely answers my question!

Thanks for your patience! :slight_smile: