Where does the backup create temporary files and is it configurable?

Our primary disk is 100 GB.
Our secondary disk is 500 GB.

Our /home is mounted on the secondary disk.

There is a 120 GB website on the 500 GB disk.

When backup occurs, a temporary file is written to the primary disk, which runs out of space.

Is there any way to direct the Virtualmin backup to store it’s temporary files on another disk?


I believe backups are stored temporarily (during creation) within the “/tmp” folder. You could mount that directory to a drive or dedicated partition.

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What’s your backups script? I believe you just did not wrote it by your hand otherwise you would know, never follow crap site as stack overflow, it’s named overflow for a reason. Anyway what is the code? Can you share it?

@unborn it’s not a custom script. It’s the build in script provided by Virtualmin. I’ll use @tpnsolutions 's method and remount the /tmp folder or just upgrade the disk at Digital Ocean.

site as stack overflow
I respectfully disagree with you on this. I’ve used Stack Overflow for over 10 years, especially for coding answers. Yes, I agree, with Network Administration mileage varies, and I think it’s because a lot of network environments are just too custom. But for solving complex coding problems or getting amazing input from other specialists, there is nothing like Stack Overflow.

@vander.host ah I see. Well default virtualmin backup tool just perform backup whenever you specified.have look at your command…tmp is not good location at all.

Edit I respect your words about stock overall crappy dangerous thingy, well, this is better and it’s not crappy dangerous codes sharing website as stuck over flowers is…

Hi @unborn

Thanks for your reply I do appreciate you trying to help. The only thing is either I’m not communicating properly or we are missing each other. I’m not using any fancy scripts, nor am I trying to backup to /tmp. I’m backing up to S3. However, during the backup process Virtualmin automatically creates a backup file in /tmp/ before transfer to S3. It’s at this point that the disk runs out.

I contacted Digital Ocean support to help with enlarging the root (and only disk) but apparently this is not possible because you have to add more CPU and RAM. So now looking for a new provider because we spend over $650 a month with them, and if providing this trivial operation isn’t part of their standard offering I’m going to move on. So looking for a good new host now, presence in USA, and Europe, and the far East. Something like Digital Ocean or AWS Lightsail but maybe someone new.

For now I’m just going to remount /tmp as suggested by @tpnsolutions


You can change webmin tmp folder from /tmp to what ever. Now whether this is the folder the back uses, I have no idea. But Webmin, webmin config, advanced options.

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