where do I find httpd.conf file ?

Does each of my virtual servers have its own httpd.conf file ?

I have looked using the file manager( in Webmin ) under the server directory, but I can’t find that file.

I need to check and maybe edite it as I want to use a RewriteMap.

Having studied a tutorial on this it says:

The RewriteMap line must be in the httpd.conf file (or other Included configuration file), it cannot go in a .htaccess file.

So can someone please tell me where I can find it ?

I have a directory like this:


Thanks for any help


There is a central httpd.conf file that Apache reads when it starts up – on RHEL/CentOS systems, it’s in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf.

After you make any changes, you’ll need to restart Apache.

if you dont want to change things globally but just for 1 server, log in to webmin - webmin panel - Apache Webserver - click on the virtual server you want to change - in the new screen click on ‘edit directives’ - put your changes in there and restart Apache

Thanks for your help.

I took a look at httpd.conf file and noticed this:

MaxClients: maximum number of simultaneous client connections

it is set at 150.

Now if ı have a busy website like a forum, I could easily
get over 300 people on at one time and as practically every operation
requires a server request, isn’t that limit of 150 a bit low ?

And say I have hundred different websites running forums or wordpress
all using the same apachie server (with different databases ofcourse)
Won’t my concurrent users run into the thousands ?

Don’t I need more like 10,000 possible concurrent users ?

Does anyone have any experiece of this ?

Hi Ronald,

I went looking for the directives to edit.

I guess my menu is different form yours :frowning:

Under the Webmim heading, I have these listed:
Backup Configuration Files
Change Language and Theme
Usermin Configuration
Webmin Actions Log
Webmin Configuration
Webmin Servers Index
Webmin Users

Checked out all of them and coudn’t see anything about editing directives ??

I think it’s actually in a slightly different location than that – if you log into Virtualmin, click Webmin -> Servers -> Apache Web Server, and in there you should see an area that would allow you to edit the configuration.

MaxClients: maximum number of simultaneous client connections

There’s a number of factors involved in tuning this paramter; the issue is that if it’s too low, users may get a “website busy” error.

Worse, if it’s too high, it will eat up all your RAM, and cause your server to crash :slight_smile:

A number of “150” is rarely too low, and is sometimes too high – but that all depends on how much RAM you have, what sort of CPU’s you’re using, what applications are on your system, what kinds of database queries are being performed, etc.

First, be very careful if you decide to change that – defaults such as that are often very sane numbers :slight_smile:

However, you might consider doing some research in Google, looking up ways to tune that number. For example, this site comes up, with some examples of what to watch out for, and things to think of when tuning it:


Again though, be careful, and make sure you have backups of your config files before you make changes. Make sure you remember 3 months down the road that you changed this, so you aren’t wondering what broke if something goes awry :slight_smile:

Eric is right. I forgot to put -Servers- in my list :confused:

Also on the 150 connection, if you do not have a more than average server I would think about setting this a bit lower. Like 125. Think that a connection doesn’t take a lot of time. I can stare 1 hour to your website, but you wont see me that hour on your server as the website is now in my browser…