Where button on virtualmin to copy SSL to dovecot

i used to operate virtualmin on centos 7 but since centos got problem and don’t let me to reinstall virtual (actually i don’t how to solve it step by step) , i choose using ubuntu 20.04 (not choosing centos 8, because when come to install wordpress , a lot of mess came across)

after i install virtualmin on ubuntu 20.04 as my server OS , i just realize the button to copy SSL to dovecot , button to copy SSL to postfix, button to copy SSL to PtoFTPD, had missing . Three of them missing.

So how i can access this button again ,or execute this command . Any help ??

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See this issue (in particular, the last few comments where Ilia and Jamie discuss how it was resolved): Copy to... for certs still confuses people a lot. · Issue #247 · virtualmin/virtualmin-gpl · GitHub

i got it ,everything ok now

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