Where are backup logs stored?

Specifically, for an in-process virtualmin scheduled backup. Something was going wrong with the after backup script, and, I wanted to see what was in the log file without killing the backup, but, couldn’t find the log file on disk.

So, where would it be while a backup is running? It’s not on the backup logs screen yet since it’s in process.


I unfortunately don’t know the answer to that… but you could always manually run one of the scheduled backups by going into Backup and Restore -> Scheduled Backups, and click “Backup” next to your desired backup, and then click “Backup Now”.

That will begin a backup in real-time, so that you can see all the logs as it runs.


Well, unfortunately, it’s to debug an issue DURING a backup, which only happens sometimes, so, important to see what it is doing at that time. Simply manually running it is not useful.


Well, it sounds like it would be useful sometimes :slight_smile:

However, digging into it, it looks like the backup logs are stored here in this directory:


So you could look for the file in that directory which was most recently modified to see the backup log output.

I hope that helps!


hi, these logs can be safely manually deleted ?

example of webmin/virtual-server/backuplogs :